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Pam Phillips

Pam Phillips is a fine art photographer and digital artist from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Before becoming a photographer, Pam worked as a free-lance graphic designer, creating marketing materials for businesses and organizations, but her love of art and travel opened the door for other artistic media, including photography. Being a creative person since childhood, it was only natural that the camera would eventually become another tool in her artist’s toolbelt. Pam likes to think of herself as an artist with a camera. Her experience with traditional art materials and techniques plays a huge role in the art that she creates from her photographs.

As a digital artist, Pam enjoys the creative process of using artistic digital software to push her photographic images to another level, where each image dictates its own process and final appearance.  She describes her artwork as Artography, a fusion of art and photography.  Being both a photographer and artist, her work consists of a combination of purely photographic images, as well as artsy, graphic and painterly styled images.