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Jason Lyons

I have been producing sculptures professionally for around 10 years now. However, as with any medium or vocation, one must always be learning. I believe with art, the artist is always evolving. It is human nature to to expand one’s consciousness and introduce themselves to new experiences. In my particular medium, I find that by introducing the use of new and varying materials in each piece, such as from plastic fly swatters, wooden spoons, old pocket watches, I continually grow as a sculptor, learning new techniques and methods of working with known and unknown materials. This leads to the inimitable nature of my work and serves as a natural vehicle for continuous growth and development.

Through upbringing and an inherent passion for the discarded object, I have developed a unique perspective and talent to visually dissect, re-interpret and then re-purpose the materials found in my sculptures. I look for the potential in every object, as a valuable contributor to the sculptures I create.

Today my work can be found in galleries nationwide along with acceptance into a number of various national juried exhibitions curated throughout the year. I currently keep a studio in Harrisburg Pennsylvania where all work is conceptualized and produced by me alone.