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Kayla Menard / A Little Loopy

Kayla Menard is an artist who has made Harrisburg her home for the past 15 years. Her craft has bloomed from a heart of need and care. She grew up watching her mother crochet, and when one of her best friends became pregnant she decided to teach herself how to so that the little one could have a one-of-a-kind gift. Then, in 2020, when someone she loved needed to have a brain tumor removed, Kayla taught herself how to make hats and headbands in honor of them. 

Kayla’s favorite part of the process is creating color and texture combinations that are unique and yet stylish is their own quirky way. “I also love the idea that something from my own hands, starting from nothing, can bring someone else great joy and comfort.” Although never specifically trained in any style of art, Kayla has been living and breathing colors, textures, styles and doodles since she can remember. She is excited to see if this love will breed other creative avenues.