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Jarjour Pottery

Jarjour Pottery, owned by Bashar and Roula, is strongly influenced by their Middle Eastern background. They bring a passion for traditional forms to their pottery works. Every piece, whether it be slab or hand-thrown, is uniquely designed at their studio. They produce an extensive range of functional and decorative vessels, including plates, bowls and amphoras. Each work is intricately glazed, many of the objects being raku-fired for a deeper spectrum of color and texture.

Bashar’s scientific background is evident in his work; he seeks perfection in each form, balance of proportions and clarity of lines throughout. His works are naturalistic and organic in form, inspired by a lifelong passion for agriculture. Roula’s eye for the unique and chaotic brings a skilled perspective to the finishes of each piece. Together, they bring a unique energy to their work to produce a broad body of vessels that are as atypical as they are attractive.