At the age of 8, Denyse Klette announced to her parents and the world that she would become an artist after helping with a mural for a school play. Although she takes herself lightly, even then she was serious about her art and has never waivered over more than 40 years.

Today Denyse’s paintings are featured prominently in hotels, private collections around the world and represented in galleries internationally. She became an approved sculptor for licensed Disney characters, has illustrated several children’s books and and created work for licensing for home decor products and beachwear. Denyse co-created Belly Button Buddies; which grew from an award-winning book to a children’s TV show airing in Canada and the UK. Denyse signed a worldwide contract with St Martin’s Press for a series of whimsical adult colouring books.

Denyse has released her first series of bronze sculptures of her whimsical paintings which has had huge success with her collectors.

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